Why the name ‘TheologyExchange.com’?

Theology Exchange
Theology Exchange

It is interesting the way this name came about. I debated many names before I chose ‘TheologyExchange.com” as the name. Way too much time in thought!

I would venture to guess that the name ‘Theology Exchange’ came from my constant drive to exchange viewpoints on theological issues. Trust me, there is enough viewpoints in Christian circles to make this blog endless and cause the purchase of many more gigabytes of storage.

The Theology Exchange can be viewed as you would the stock exchange, where items of value are traded and investments are expected to provide a profitable yield. Here, we look upon this blog as a place to exchange viewpoints providing a profit yield of knowledge. The only difference, nobody loses their investments here.

So why not call it what I purposed it to be. Theology is my calling and passion and to share viewpoints with others is satisfying as well as nutritious to personal knowledge.

I hope to keep the blog as simple as possible (if there is anyway of truly simplifying theology). The idea is not to flex our muscles of understanding but simply share in the exchange of information. There is no doubt that we will not always agree in all matters. In such cases, we will just need to agree to disagree in those points. However, I am always interested in knowing why others see a specific issue from a different point of view, and truly seek to understand the other side of a point.

As a theology professor, I always learn from my students. You would be surprise to know how overly complicated a theologian can make a simple point. For this we are always brought back to reality by the simplicity of a statement from one who has come seeking understanding. So please, feel free to share your thoughts.

So let’s move forward and see where this takes us. I know that it will be an interesting voyage. I only ask that we remember Who we serve and always keep a Christ-like behavior in all postings.


Dr. Sam

One thought on “Why the name ‘TheologyExchange.com’?

  1. It’s like I am listening to a man having authority and deeper understanding of the Word as I am reading all the articles written.
    This is like leaning in a wall having a solid foundation.
    Praise the Lord!


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