Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post. Going into the new year of 2010 I planned the launch of this blog for the benefit of discussing theological issues that are part of the fiber of what Christianity is all about.

As a theology professor my idea of discussing theology is to present information and light to the concepts established by prominent theologians both historical and current today.

The idea is not to attack the views but to provide information that may lead to better understanding the positions regardless of their position.

I do have my own personal viewpoints. These will become evident and will be highlighted in the blog in order for the reader to better understand my own viewpoints. When confronted with an issue contrary to my personal position, the blog will be argumentative, and so stated. I am not interested in convincing the reader to abandon their viewpoints, just confront them in light of new information or an explanation as to the opposite view.

I will attempt to post as regularly as possible, but as a minimum a monthly post will be made available.

The viewpoints in this blog do not represent the viewpoints of no other persons or organization, specifically that of the Seminary I work with.

It is my prayer that through this blog you may acquire a new understanding or a refresher of information that can assist the reader in the growth of knowledge of theological issues.

I invite you to follow me in this adventure of knowledge, as we humbly move forward into this road of theology traveled for centuries by  many in search of understanding.

Dr. Galloza