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The Church, The Believer and Politics

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It is that season again in the United States where our democracy allows for our choices of those that will represent our voice in the government. Irregardless of your political inclinations or views, you are being pitch by candidates that are positioning themselves to attract your votes. This is just the beginning of the process. I would say that there are conversations taking place around the dinner tables of the American families, however, we know that we are living in a time where the views of the individuals are diverse and that the dinner tables could have a representative from various candidates and parties.

These families include believers who slide into our pews every Sunday morning, and although there are arguments for the separation of Church and State, and many thread lightly in expressing their views within the walls of the Church building, it is impossible to separate the opinion of the believer who also represents a voter in this mechanism.

It is not the intent of this post to sway anyone person towards any specific viewpoint or party. The freedom in America to choose for yourself the person who you agree with and submit your vote towards, is one that is considered sacred, if the word fits, in America. However, it is the intent of this post to remind the believer, and in association, the Church, of who they are representative of. What is the role of Christian ethics and morality in your decision making process? Your position is a reflection of what you have considered to be acceptable in what your candidate believes and represents. Your candidate is a representative arm of your beliefs and your desired end in placing someone in office that will stand for those things which you are in agreement with.

We as the Church must take this responsibility seriously, if we are to make a decision to cast our vote in favor of anybody, again, irregardless of political affiliation or party. The Christian does not stop being responsible for their actions or beliefs at the voting booth. We must search our hearts and seek those that align themselves with our own beliefs if we are to be responsible representative of the Kingdom of God. Our final vote must mirror who we are and what we stand for. Politics should never cause a compromise of our standing with God!

You may ask yourself, what does this post have to do with theology? Well, our theology is represented in our beliefs and doctrines. It is not enough to accept the validity of a doctrinal position or discipline of belief and not find yourself responsible for living a life that aligns itself with that position or belief. Your Christian morals are only in question when we take steps that are opposite to our beliefs.

Your vote is your responsibility! Now vote, but do so with a clear conscious and with a spirit of peace!