Morality and Christianity

Morality is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “conformity to ideals of right human conduct”. It is behavior that is regarded as correct and subjected to a series of codes of conduct by a human being. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy established that the term “morality” can be used either (1) descriptively to refer to some codes of conducts put forward by a society, or some other group, such as a religion, or accepted by an individual for her own behavior or (2) normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.

Given the above established definitions of morality, its basis is established upon the act of human beings to provide the foundation by which to define and implement the codes of conduct that establishes the moral acts themselves. in other words, whether a society or religion, the laws that govern morality are based upon the interpretation of human beings. Here is where I differ.

I would begin my difference by first establishing my approach to Christianity. Christianity may be regarded as another religion among certain circles of society, however, in reality Christianity is founded upon a relationship between the person and the Lord Jesus Christ. You may argue that all religions have a representative, but in this sense, the Christian accepts Jesus Christ to not only be the Son of God, but also God Himself. The Word of God is what we believe to have been given to us by God Himself, in order to come to the knowledge of Him. Now, within the wisdom of this Word, not only do we get to know God, but it also provides us with a mirror in which to see ourselves. The true you is found in Its reflection. Whether for the good or the bad.

True morality then is found, not in the codes established by a society or religion, but that which is established by the Word of God. Although societies and religions may change, the Word of God stands forever. This tells us that true morality is unchanging, because the Word of God is unchanging. Truth, according the Word of God, is the measure. Any moral code of conduct established by a society or religion that differs from the truth established in the Word of God is not, in its true definition, a moral conduct. Whether any act or behavior can be regarded as moral, it will have to stand to the scrutiny of what God had to say about it.

So in reality, true morality and true Christianity are joined by the very same foundation, which is the Word of God. You cannot separate them without affecting its true nature. Morality is not found in what is right or justified in the eyes of society (this we have allowed to be established), but more on the revelation of God’s view of right and wrong, as given in His Word. When we talk about the true moral character of a person, it is to be found in the reflection of that person’s life and how it coincides with the instructions given to us in the Word of God. Although there may be some codes of conduct in society that may relate to God’s view, it is evident that true morality in society today suffers from a lack of a full inclination to what God has to say about morality. However, true morality was not meant to be carried out by a society as a whole, but by the individual persons of that society. We all hold the individual responsibility to adhere to the Word of God and modify our conducts accordingly in order to be the instruments of change in our society. We must stand against any code of conduct that is contrary to the Word of God, in order to establish the true moral compass, if society is to find its way back to God. Only then can we be a true Christian nation, living within the measure of true morality within our society.

For example, acts such as removing Bibles from the schools, was accepted by society to be the correct thing to do. For what relation does God have with education? However, it was the removal of the moral compass in our society that years later has led to the loss of correct behavior among our children and a society lost in its attempt to fight the onslaught of immoral behavior. Nations that are crippled without direction. This has now created a generation that redefines and adjust morality based on popular demands.

Since true morality and Christianity are related, how does this the shifting of moral principles affect the Christian church today?

5 thoughts on “Morality and Christianity

  1. Dr Sam, It is worth considering that neither Jesus himself nor his apostles or followers were Christians. Most were Jews. It is a critical differentiation. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God… I believe that. And the Word is of course Jesus. So in reality true morality and the Word are of the very same foundation. Christianity is a human community inspired by the π₯𝐒𝐟𝐞 and teachings of Jesus. A human institution with human challenges and flaws. One can be truly moral without themself identifying the morality with the Christian community.


  2. Recently we moved back to DRC from Cape Town South Africa, my wife and my two kids. Every corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo there is at least a church or a Christian ministry, gospel songs and hymns are sung in the Taxis and so on… 99% of shops are closed on Sunday because everyone need to go to church. And couple of months ago my daughter she is 10 made a statement that Congolese people love God but they don’t have Morality, their behavior is not good at all. Therefore, we are seeking the Lord to see how we can help and I need your guidance please. Blessings, John, Flora, Andrea and Christopher


  3. No doubt Life is full of interwoven of series of phenomenon so much that one cannot be an Island of the other.Take for instance men can not live with out men, life can not be with out blood & water, evils anchor joy:the comparison is endless.ditto morality depend on religion codes as enuciated by God’s commandments.The summary of the whole matter is that OBEDIENT is the rally point of life as EDUCATION with out MORAL will be like TEA without SUGAR.


  4. “True morality then is found, not in the codes established by a society or religion, but that which is established by the Word of God.”..This is your summation,..yet long before anyone could speak a language that could even try to define a religion of any type,..ancient tribes and groups were known to have morals. It was within the social structure that can even be found in animals. Archeologists and historians have written about this.


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