About the Xchange

The TheologyExchange.com (the Xchange) was created, and is maintained, by Dr. Samuel Galloza. The idea of the Xchange is to share viewpoints on the Christian faith with those interested in the study of the Christian faith.

The discussion of theology is important for understanding the foundations of the doctrine of Christianity. It is through a discourse of theological issues that affect our belief systems that we establish the means by which to understand the different viewpoints found throughout the Church body, and are able to better protect ourselves from the increase of false teachings being presented in the name of truth.

We are aware that it would be a difficult task to agree on all aspects of a viewpoint. There are many positions on the various subjects of Christianity. It is not the intention of the Xchange to change the positions of those that take part in the readings or discussions. However, it is our intention to challenge your position, if different, in order for both sides to better understand why we  believe as we do. In all matters, the Scriptures have the final word.

Dr. Samuel Galloza is President of Northwestern Theological Seminary (NTS) and functions as a senior advisor and professor with the Seminary. He holds both a ThM in Theology and a PhD in Christian Education.

Dr. Galloza is also the Founder and President of the NTSLibrary, a leading online Christian library, located at: http://www.ntslibrary com.

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